Onstan’s Tax Department closely works with clients’ complex Ukrainian and international transactions, designing tax‑efficient structures for mergers, spin‑offs, joint ventures and intricate private equity acquisitions. Our tax lawyers typically join a deal team at the outset of a transaction, as early direction on tax issues is often critical for success. We also advise on the tax aspects of all types of securities offerings and commercial lending transactions. Our tax lawyers have developed innovative financing structures which are unique for Ukrainian market, with tax features that minimize financing costs to issuers and maximize returns to investors. In addition, we provide clients with sophisticated tax planning advice and assistance with their tax controversies.

Our tax lawyers combine extensive legal knowledge, sound business judgment and the highest ethical standards. Tax issues can be complex and difficult and we are experts in the fine points of tax law.

  • Budget-related Legislation
  • Corporate Taxes
  • Customs & Duties
  • Internatonal Tax Planning
  • Personal Taxes
  • Resolution of disputes with tax authorities
  • Ukrainian and European VAT


202, 2017

Interview for Obozrevatel TV from 2015 (Russian)


2303, 2016

Current Trends in Transfer Pricing

Yuriy Fedchyshyn spoke at the international conference dedicated to the transfer pricing regulation in Ukraine. The conference united some of the key practitioners and government officials in the field of [...]

606, 2015

VAT Moss Scheme in the EU – Article for Forbes (Ukrainian)

Із 1 січня 2015 року в Європейському Союзі (ЄС) суттєво змінено архітектуру оподаткування ПДВ електронних, телекомунікаційних та трансляційних послуг. Нововведення стосуються постачання тих послуг, у яких покупцем є неплатник ПДВ, [...]

3005, 2015

Interview on the expected rules for cash registers

Yuriy Fedchyshyn commented on the government incentives of furthering the application of cash registers for small taxpayers.

1105, 2015

What to expect from the new head of State Fiscal Service? (Russian)

Фискальной службе в структуре государственной власти отведено особое местo, обусловленное ее жизненно необходимыми функциями. Но успешное осуществление государственной налоговой политики возможно не только при наличии совершенного законодательства, но и при [...]

605, 2015

List of Tax Treaties Concluded by Ukraine

Treaty with Dividends to Qualifying Companies Dividends to Qualifying Individuals Interest Royalties Algeria 15 5 0/10 10 Armenia 15 5 10 0 Austria 10 5 2/5 0/5 Azerbaijan 10 10 [...]

2404, 2015

Uncertainty of Ukrainian Tax System – Yuriy Fedchyshyn for Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Ukrainian)

В Україні не припиняється податкова реформа, професійне співтовариство безуспішно намагається поліпшити діючу податкову систему. Однак головна хвороба системи лежить у площині законодавства та правосвідомості як держави, так і бізнесу. Чимало [...]

2301, 2014

Postponed Accounting in the European Union – International VAT Monitor (IBFD, Amsterdam)

Yuriy Fedchyshyn Issue: International VAT Monitor, 2014 (Volume 25), No. 1 Published online: 23 January 2014 In this article, the author presents an overview of the criteria and conditions that Member States of [...]

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