Our clients include some of the notable multinational companies and banks, as well as international organisations, foreign governments, smaller companies focused on Ukraine and individual investors. Our clients represent many sectors and industries, among which are agriculture, construction, energy, finance, investments, IT, natural resources, pharmaceuticals,  real estate,  manufacturing, media and telecommunication.


Our Firm was founded by a team of lawyers with substantial previous academic and professional experience. We value our clients and invest all our skills in their success. Onstan’s lawyers take commercially minded approach. Considering challenging business and political environment of Ukraine, the firm’s attorneys are committed to providing practical advice, taking into account associated risks for each transaction. The Firm’s corporate governance advice allows clients to make correct and timely business decisions.


We tend not to build our marketing strategy by taking advantage of our clients credentials. Everyone in our Firm is committed to the integrity of our practice and, thus, to keeping each clients business completely confidential. We constantly deal with extremely confidential matters of our clients. In such cases the success of our clients is fundamentally dependent on the secrecy of their information.  We carefully protect this confidentiality by having 24/7 security protection and maintaining an appropriate risk management in our work.

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