Our reputation is built on our results and work ethics. We provide our clients with exceptional legal services and we are where they need us.

We are commercially minded, with pragmatic strategies. We combined outstanding knowledge with adequate practical experience.

We are a local law firm with significant international background. We provide our clients with legal services that meet their highest expectations.

Doing Business in Ukraine

Ukraine has always been a promising country to invest in. Long term investments are traditionally risky but they promise a higher profit margin in return.  Ukraine is becoming a new frontrunner in a wide array of sectors. With the current significant turnabout in investments and people willing to take a risk in Ukraine, there’s no better time to invest than now.  The full support of financial and legal professionals can make Ukraine one of the best countries to invest in.

Many of the traditional sectors of Ukraine’s economy are currently booming, such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Health Sciences
  • Manufacturing

IT professionals in Ukraine are renowned all over the world and a good number of them moved back to Ukraine to set new start-ups. This is viewed by many as an opportunity for Ukraine to be globally competitive in this industry and work with different companies from across the world.

Ukraine’s real estate prices have now been adjusted after a period of decline. Additionally, banking sector is quickly gaining ground after a recent slowdown. Retail banking technology and client service still allows to become successful in a short span of time.

About Us

There are many components to a business venture which all need to work in unison in order to achieve the desired results and much more. At Onstan we believe in building long term strategic partnerships with our clients, our success is vested in them achieving their long term goals. We do that by understanding what our clients need from us rather than what we offer, aligning ourselves with their needs and requirements enables us to harness what they would like us to project.

We are professionally skilled, multi-disciplinary lawyers offering a wide range of services. Covering all grounds from taxation to company law, contracts and corporate law, combined we have over more than a decade’s worth of industry experience. This makes us the ideal choice for all your legal services.

As we are based in Ukraine, we have a global presence. This enables us to effectively and practically deal with whatever situation you may have. We offer sound legal advice which in turn enables our clients to make the right legal decision in order to expand and project their business in and outside of the country.

It is our firm belief that our range of services combined with our synergistic staff not only offer you the best there is to offer in terms of keeping you afloat but also to assist you in expending your business’s outreach to wherever you would like to.



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